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                                           Agricultural Hemp in Kenya
                         A solution to creating a diverse rural economy

 For agriculture to continue to be a viable industry in Kenya, profound change is needed in order to bolster economic opportunity for farmers. Agricultural hemp should be considered as a possible alternative in Kenya not only for energy sources but to an array of other products as well. Also for agricultural sustainability, including its potential as a soil-cleaning agent and its commercial benefits. Hemp can play a significant role in providing a partial solution to rural diversification due to its' many benefits including the ease of growing. It can grow just about anywhere without the need for fertilizers or toxic chemical pesticides or insecticides and grows to 12 to 15 feet in just 90 days. Products made from agricultural hemp falls into 3 major categories, food, fibre and fuel. As a low cost, high quality food source, it is extremely healthy. Hemp seed is a vegetable source of complete protein and vitamins, having all eight essential amino acids for human health. 66% of hemp protein is high quality, the highest percentage of any plant source and contains 3 times as much vitamin E as flax. Hemp oil, pressed from the hemp seed, is one of the best sources of the two essential fatty acids (EFAs); omega 3 alpha-linolenic acids and omega 6 linoleic acids. And hemp seed oil contains them in an optimum ratio of 3 to 1 (3 omega 6 to one omega 3). Hemp seeds and oil can be processed and blended to supplement porridge, burgers, cheese, salad dressing, snack bars, cookies, or as a replacement for any soybean product. The flour can be used as a gluten free alternative or it can be blended with other natural flours to supplement any recipe. No other single plant source provides complete protein nutrition in such an easily digestible form, nor has the oils essential to life, in a perfect ratio for human health and vitality. Oils, cold pressed from the seed, can also enhance a complete range of external body care products such as shaving lotions, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, lip balm, soaps, and even bubble bath. Therefore, we need to grow plants that are sustainable, that can supply fibre for natural textiles, to meet our current and future need without the use of harmful pollutants.
    Agricultural hemp fibres, processed from the stalks, have great tensile strength that makes strong natural bast fibre textiles used to produce some 5,000 textile products, ranging from ropes to fine laces. The pulp, from the hurds can provide paper products. One acre of hemp can produce up to four times as much paper as cutting an acre of trees. The hurds, the woody core remaining after the fibre is removed, contains more than 77% cellulose, which can be used to produce some 20,000 different products including building composites such as biodegradable fibreboard used for insulation, flooring, roofs, walls and even an array of plastic products. We have the means to cultivate hemp by converting organic biomass into fuel without adding any extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Hemp charcoal, for example, has the same heating value as coal, with little sulphur to pollute the earth. Natural waste materials from hemp stalks and other agricultural wastes can be compacted without additives to make biomass logs that have a greater radiant heat output than even coal or Coalite. Hemp biomass can also be converted to methanol, to be used to run cars designed for this type of fuel.

Cultivating the annual hemp plant will play an important role in Kenya as a sustainable crop for it performs well on well-manured land, reduces the need to control weeds, returns abundant nutrients to the soil and restores the soil for further cultivation, and of course, preserves our precious forests.

Agricultural Benefits of Industrial Hemp Cultivation in Kenya. 

 Production advantages for farmers who grow hemp. This hardy plant is less susceptible to fluctuations in weather and other environmental conditions than other plants, such as cotton. This means that farmers in Kenya are more likely to profit from their investment in an industrial hemp crop, and are able to grow a substantial amount of hemp in a relatively small acreage. Also industrial hemp crop requires minimal maintenance compared to output.

 Industrial hemp crops help to enrich the soil. A boon for any farmer, the growth pattern of this plant naturally creates more nutrient-rich soil. Because the dense leaves block sunlight, few weeds grow among industrial hemp crops. The deep roots of the plants provide nitrogen and other minerals to the earth, while reducing the salinity of the groundwater and minimizing topsoil erosion. In addition, this crop is ideal for composting to grow other plants, such as wheat or soy.
Industrial hemp is a profitable rotation crop. While the rotation crop system is often necessary for sustainable agriculture, few of these crops are truly profitable.  

Why Hemp in Kenya?

As Kenya transitions to a path of sustainability, Rural Kenya visualizes hemp as an ideal crop for Kenyans, as its production will contribute to the future viability of Kenyan agriculture.
  • Value added hemp products possibly could create an additional Millions in revenue for Kenyan farmers.
  • The infrastructure needed to process hemp will result in increased business opportunities and new jobs in our communities.
  • As a food crop, hemp seeds and oil produced from the seeds have high nutritional value, including healthy fats and protein ideal for humans and as an animal feed.
  • As a fiber crop, hemp can be used in the manufacturing of products such as clothing, building supplies, and animal bedding.
  • As a fuel crop, hemp seeds can be processed into bio-diesel, and stalks can be pelletized or flaked for burning or processed for cellulosic ethanol.
  • The production of hemp can play a useful agronomic role in farm land management as part of a crop rotation system, as a cash crop for farms transitioning to organic, and as a riparian buffer.

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Update Lignin Removal Test Plants Photo

Growing Kenaf Test Plant Images from first planting Jan 2016 till Sept 2016
Two Sets of Test Plants are growing.  1 set started indoors, 2nd set planted in backyard garden.
As of Sept 18 the second set of plants is within 2 feet of acquiring the height the 1st set has reached.

This is a perfect example of Kenaf ability to produce clean energy from the plant biomass.
Kenaf Plants started indoors Mid Jan 2016

2 feet tall kenaf plants transplanted to pots and moved outdoors Spring 2016

Kenaf Plant Flower

2nd set of Kenaf Plants planted directly in backyard Garden 

Kenaf Seed pods and seeds from 1st plants

Sept 18 2016 1st and 2nd Kenaf Plant Height comparison.

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A Plant that could change evrerything

Hemp A Plant that could change everything.  Hemp-Kids Get It 

This infographic was created by students from Cascade High School in Everett, WA, as part of the U.S. Department of Energy-Bioenergize ME Infographic Challenge. The BioenergizeME Infographic Challenge encourages young people to improve their foundational understanding of bioenergy, which is a broad and complex topic. The ideas expressed in these infographics reflect where students are in the learning process and do not necessarily reflect the state of knowledge of the U.S. Department of Energy or other experts in the bioenergy industry.

Hemp, Kids Get It  DOE Bioenergize Challenge Winners
Hemp, Kids Get It  DOE Bioenergize Challenge Winners

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#DidYouGetTheMemo: #PhytoReMeetMeInStLouis

DATE: July 4, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:
This memo shall serve as a Declaration RE: #TheSituation #AboutTheWater of #Missouri and #HowToPhytoremediateTheWater.
There is already a lot of information on the subject of #Phytoremediation. Please find out more and consider approval of pilot programs to study the efficacy, especially in
SuperFund sites that are #NotSuper.
In the meanwhile, the children and families of the areas affected need to be evacuated immediately if not sooner and relocated with the same support given to other American climate refugees in the wake of environmental disasters.
You can participate in raising awareness from wherever you are by filming a fifteen second clip singing along with the virtual flashmob to raise awareness for this important issue and sharing memes under the hashtag #WestlakeLandfill #PhytoREMeetMeInStLouis #MOSupport & #MOSolidarity #ForTheChildren of #WestlakeLandfillCrisis
CHORUS and FlashDance for virtual #HempEnvironmentalForum: (to the tune of a Judy Garland parody protected by parody laws
Meet Me In Saint Louis - Louis
Meet Me At The Fair
Don’t Tell Me The Water’s Cleaner Anywhere Than There!
We Will Dance The #HoochieCoochie You Will Be My #TootsieWootsie
If You Will Meet Me In Saint Louis - Louis
ReTweet Me RE: The Forum!
Meet Me in SaintLouis - FOOEY! Meet You At The Forum
Don’t Tell Me The Water’s Clean Because You Held A Quorum!
We Will Dance The #Hoochie #Coochie I Will Be Your #Tootsie #Wootsie
But You Won’t See Me In Saint Louis FOOEY
Tweet #PhytoREMeetMe at The Forum!
[PLEASE NOTE: We realize this is no laughing matter to the people currently suffering around the globe from living in or near toxic superfund sites, however we are willing to pledge to #FlashDance with the Stars to raise awareness to this serious and immediate relocation issue. #FlashDance shall refer to sixty seconds of spontaneous and ecstatic dancing for a cause that you care deeply about.]
FlashDance references:
*HoochieCoochie sophisticated moves (aka Belly dancing style) for reference:
*HoochieCoochie moves for beginners (aka hula style) for reference:
#PhytoReMeetMeInStLouis Action Solution for Westlake Landfill
#PhytoReMeetMeInStLouis Action Solution for Westlake Landfill

Westlake Landfill Community Weblinks
Last update: 9/4/2016 12:16 AM

Westlake Landfill Web Links the stories from the locals
  • State senator says inaction on environmental 'crisis' more offensive than her language
    Chappelle-Nadal stepping up effort on behalf of Bridgeton area residents.
  • Spot On & Observant breakdown of Bridgeton Community meeting with EPA.
  • I was the only candidate for Lt. Governor to attend the West Lake candidate forum and was moved by the testimonials we heard. This WWII era waste from the Manhattan Project cannot be swept under the rug any longer. Thank you to the Moms group for building the coalition to finally get this addressed so that public health is not sacrificed to private profit. I look forward to working with you in the months ahead.
    Please like and share my FB page below with others who feel the same and please vote for candidates that will join the right side of this fight.
  • Just Moms STL held the second forum last night and we had an amazing turnout. We would like to say thank you to all the candidates from both the first and second forum that took the time to come out and personally address this issue or send a video. We heard every candidate indicate they support the efforts and platform of Just Moms STL.
    For the last four years, we have worked so hard to educate leaders of the community, and elected officials across the board, both Republican and Democrats. We had a great candidate turnout between both forums and we are very proud of that.
    It is a good feeling to hear these candidates profess their commitments to the landfill issues. When Dawn and I first started this movement most people looked at us like we had two heads.
    We have built a strong coalition of GREAT people that are dedicated to doing everything in their power to save and protect this extremely abused community!
    So much goes on behind the scenes to organize these events including our monthly community meeting. We want to say a special thanks to CA Glis,Meagan Beckermann, Christen Commuso and Robbin Ellison Dailey! We couldn't do any of this without these amazing ladies! These moms move mountains to make sure things go smoothly for Dawn and myself to be able to do the things we do. They are definitely our rock!! Next time you see them, or maybe here on facebook let them know how thankful this community is to have them!!
    We also would like to say a special thanks to Missouri Coalition for the Environment,Ed Smith& interns, Lois Marie Gibbs & Center for Health, Environment & Justice Laura Eliza Barrett & interns International Brotherhood of Teamsters Matteo Colombi, Gale Thackrey Franciscan Sisters of Mary for their helping hands, love, prayers and support for the Just Moms STL group.
    Thank you to all of the community members that attend the meetings, watch the livestream, make phone calls, email and tweet about this issue.
    If you haven't ever been to a community meeting, I hope you will join us on September 15th at the John Calvin Presbyterian Church of Bridgeton at 6:30pm. Bring a friend, or family member. Make a commitment to share this information with others everyday. We need ALL OF YOU!!!!
  • West Lake Candidate Forum Part II - August 31, 2016
  • “Despite Republic’s last-minute attempt to keep the state from sampling all the relevant groundwater wells at the landfill, the special master has approved our request to proceed with testing as planned," said an emailed statement from the attorney general's office. "Republic is clearly worried about what the tests will reveal, and the public deserves to know why.”

    State wins approval to test groundwater near radioactive waste at West Lake Landfill
    A special master has allowed the state to proceed with groundwater testing at wells in the portion of the West Lake…
  • This will be an opportunity to hear from those candidates that couldn't make our last forum. Even if you attended the first one you should plan to be at this one to as you will be hearing from additional candidates. We have invited all candidates running for office to this 2nd candidate meeting. As of today, we have already confirmed participation from the following:

    Attorney General Chris Koster for Governor
    Russ Carnahan - (running for Lieutenant Governor)
    Secretary of State--Jason Kander (running for U.S. Senator)
    Curtis Faulkner-(running for STL County Council 4th District)
    Alderwoman Amy Poelker Poelker-(running for STL County Council 2nd District)
    State Rep Bill Otto -(U.S. Representative - District 2)
    Steven Bailey-(running for U.S. Representative - District 1)
    Byron DeLear-(running for State Rep District 70)

    This is a very important issue for the entire state of Missouri and we need to know where these candidates stand and if they will publicly support our platform if elected. While it is very important for them to participate in this event, it is also very important that all of you that are concerned and following this issue attend this meeting too. We have to show them we are an army of constituents ready to hold elected officials accountable for doing everything in their power to help protect and save our community.

Westlake Landfill Facebook Public Group Page
This group has been formed by concerned residents to inform and keep the public updated about the radioactive waste in the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo

EPA Missouri Westlake Landfill News and Updates

#PhytoReMeetMeInStLouis #DidYouGetTheMemo ???

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